Dont Limit Yourself To UK Paid Surveys

Paid online surveys are a great source of extra income to a lot of people but many don't know whether you can take surveys that originate from any country or if they are aimed specifically at one country, so if you live in the UK you need to sign up with UK paid surveys programs.

Paid online surveys differ from company to company as they will have certain criteria that the survey participant has to meet, because otherwise there information is deemed as worthless to them. One of these criteria can be where you live and this is why many in the UK search for UK paid surveys.

People that look only for UK paid surveys tend to lose out however as many survey companies in the US will allow people from all over the world to join and take part. If the criteria they are looking for on there survey is women then it won't matter where you are from, the same if they where looking for a certain age group. As long as the survey isn't aimed at a certain countries market then the paid online surveys will more often than not be open to everyone who meets the criteria.

Of course by signing up with UK paid surveys companies you will be excepted for a higher percentage of surveys, but you won't receive nearly as many because there are so many more research companies in the US than in the UK.

There are several membership directories that state which companies except certain countries and there is one in particular that specializes in UK paid surveys, but they also list the companies outside of the UK which will offer you paid online surveys.

If you stick to UK paid surveys companies then you will lose out on a lot of opportunities to make good money from paid online surveys so just keep that in mind when deciding where to look for paid online surveys.

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