Dont get Scammed by Work from Home Paid Surveys!

I have been evaluating paid surveys for some time now.

A lot of them are scams - they want you to pay to sign up, but they don't send you any surveys!

Do you pay your boss (if you work outside of the home) to go to work for him/her? Of course not! So why would you pay for surveys that are supposed to pay YOU?

You could even make this your online source of income, a home based income opportuny! Sign up for as many paid online surveys as you can! There are also ways to get paid to read emails, play games, etc. You just have to know how and where to find them!

These are proven income opportunities, ways to make money from home!

I know, I do it myself. Just be very careful who you choose to work with. There are paid services, which give you an extensive list of survey companies. You pay for the convenience of not having to search for hours to find legitimate surveys. A few of these do work, but again, you have to be careful who you choose. Do your homework first!

I have found a few that are legit. Paid surveys are not for everyone, you have to have the time. I joined one, and honestly have made $138 my first day, with only one program. Do your homework before you invest any money, or time.

Haze is a successful work at home mom of two boys. She enjoys taking surveys, and is currently earning a nice income doing this. Visit her today at