Do You Want To Take Surveys Online For Money? Then Read This First

You can take surveys online for money. I'm not here to debate that, I know you can because I do it every day but there are risks that people should be aware of before they take part and that's what this article is about.

To take surveys online for money you will need access to good list of companies and to join up with as many of those companies as possible but don't just join any list. Each company or site that offers a list will have different companies offering surveys. Some will be better paying but less frequent whilst others will have lesser paying companies but will supply you with a lot of them and one or two are a combination but there are also the sites that are just a complete waste of your time.

Many sites that offer a list make money in several ways. Selling your personal information to third parties is one of the most common and this can be done by both the list provider and the actual companies offering the surveys. To combat this always check for a privacy policy and if that policy says they do sell on your information with your consent uncheck the box so that they no longer have your permission.

Some of the poorer sites ( mostly the free ones ) will also take a commission of each survey you complete without telling you about it. Some people feel this isn't important but why should someone else get paid for your efforts when there are other companies that won't do this.

Finally there in your quest to take surveys online for money you may come across lists that offer low quality companies thats main aim is to bombard your email address with junk mail.

If you can avoid the things I've mentioned in this article then you should have few problems when trying to take surveys online for money. Just be patient whilst you establish yourself with the companies on the list and you should be fine.

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