Can You Make Money Doing Online Surveys

A lot of people are wising up to the fact that you can make money on the internet but can you make money doing online surveys or are they a scam like envelope stuffing jobs? The fact of the matter is you can make money with online surveys and good money at that.

Making money from paid surveys is one of the easiest ways imaginable to make money from home but to do this you need to find the companies that pay cash amounts for there surveys. If you want to find those I paid cash surveys then there is only one way to do it and that is to join a paid access directory.

You will probably have come across free lists offering to show you surveys companies but if you go down this route you are going to get very little reward. The companies that are offered by free companies pay very little for there surveys and often simply offer entries in sweepstakes.

To put it in money terms would you prefer to earn $1 per survey but not have to pay for the list or get $20 a survey but pay a one time fee of about $40. That means that after only a couple of surveys you will have got your fee back and then every survey after that will pay an average of $19 more. I know which I'd choose.

Of course to make the opportunity really worthwhile you need to join as many companies as possible and this is another reason I'd recommend a paid membership. A free list may contain about 50 companies on there list but a paid site will contain access to over 500, that's ten times as many opportunities to get paid cash for surveys.

Can you make money doing online surveys? Yes but just remember it will only ever be a lucrative opportunity and one of the best work from home jobs around if you get access to the best paid surveys companies available.

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