Best Paid Surveys Online - Are They Free

There are more and more people taking the chance to make some money from the comfort of there own home by taking part in paid surveys. There is always the question though of where to find the best paid surveys online and just as importantly to some can you find them for free.

Sadly the answer to the latter is no, you may find the odd gem with the free paid surveys online lists which are the available but all the best paid surveys online companies are part of the membership sites directories. So the fact is that if your in this to make as much money as possible, and I assume you are, then eventually you will have to join a membership site to make paid surveys the lucrative opportunity they can be.

The difference between the best paid surveys online and the ones offered on the free lists are quite big. Instead of $1 or $2 per survey the average is generally between $10 and $20 with the best paid surveys online provided by the paid membership sites. There are also surveys that can pay as high as $75.

There are more than a fair share of paid surveys scams so you shouldn't just rush out and join the first membership site you come across but the paid membership route is the best way to go.

Some free sites also sell on your personal information which is a huge danger for you. Your details been sold on could lead to you been accused of fraud depending on how it is used and can even leave you open to identity fraud. Even without these risks though I would still recommend a paid membership site as it really is the only place you will find the best paid surveys online.

You may be skeptical like I was but I've never regretted joining the paid membership sites. Lets face it - why have the scraps and risk food poisoning when you can have steak for just a little extra. If it's making money you want you need the best paid surveys online, and to get the best paid surveys online you have to join a paid membership site.

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